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How Wifi2travel contract?

A private capacity, you can hire directly through the home page, simply with your credit card. You can also fill our contact form if we have not answered some of your questions or write directly to hello@wifi2travel.es

We also work with various companies dedicated to the world of tourism such as: hotel chains, travel agencies, holiday apartments, and event organizers. If you are interested in working with us to write professional level hello@wifi2travel.es or fill out our form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Receiving device

The delivery device can be carried anywhere you indicate us in Peninsular Spain and the Balearic Islands, just need you specify a delivery address and that whenever a person to receive it. This includes your home, your hotel reception, office, or apartment where someone to receive it.

We also have a delivery point in Barcelona (Serrano Street 32-34  low)

Returning device

If you pick up the device at one of our delivery points, you must deposit it in the same place. If not, the device will come with a pre-stamped envelope (do not have to pay to send). You just put the device in the envelope and deposit it reach a mailbox:

– You can place it in any mailbox.

– You can also deposit it in one of the mailboxes from the airport. Most of them have mailbox, on the following pages can check their location in Madrid and Barcelona (Madrid – Barcelona).

– If you’re traveling, you can also ask the receptionist to send it for you (make sure it does so – in case of loss we will contact the hotel ourselves to resolve issues).

– If you forget, you can send the device through any courier (you will have to bear the shipping costs and you could incur penalties if sending with delayed dates you provided when renting the service together with the device).

If there are any problems with the reception of the device?

We care very well of logistics and of our devices, but in the unlikely event that the device is damaged or in poor condition, please, please tell us as soon as possible and will be replaced immediately by another, or refund your money if not possible, or by the brevity of your stay no longer makes sense.

FAQ about device coverage in Spain

Our Wifi2travel device connects to the network operator with Spain best 4G network. In addition, the antenna of our devices is more powerful than most smartphones, so you get mobile coverage where many do not.

If you hire Wifi2travel and start using it you discover that you do not have coverage, you can try to bring it to the various windows of the house. If that does not work, contact us within 24 hours and give you instructions for returning the device and return the money.

Speed limits

We have next-generation devices that connect to the 4G network, with speeds that can reach the level of the fiber.

In places with good 4G coverage we have tested our devices getting real speeds up to 40 Mbps downstream and 10 Mbps upstream (very fast!) Although in theory the 4G network supports speeds up to 150 Mbps download and upload.

When the 4G network does not reach, speed 3G / HSDPA get real speeds up to 19 Mbps downstream and 4 Mbps upstream. This corresponds to speeds above most Spanish ADSL connections.

Coverage in Spain continues to improve, with new frequencies and deployments. Still, if you hire Wifi2travel, and coverage you get does not allow you to use you expected, please contact us at the first 24 hours and give you instructions on how to return the device and get a refund.

All these speeds are while you hired last data – after consuming these data, the speed is very slow: whatsapps and can send emails but little else.

Can I call my company or family through IP voice?

Of course!! with wifi2travel you can surf, call VoIP, and use the Internet as you would from your home or office but by freely anywhere you’re traveling.

Can I use Whatsapp, Facebook or Twitter on my holidays in Spain?

During your journey through Spain, you can use your favorite App normally,  for example: Facebook, Whatsapp, Google Maps, Wikipedia, Skype, Viber, etc … Just connect to your device and browse as if you were at home

Battery charger

Along with the device, we will provide you a charger you load the device’s battery as you do with your mobile.

During the day, you can wear the device on all the time, but if you want to make sure not to run out of battery, you better turn it off when you’re not using.

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